We are still working on things here but we wanted to provide a quick update and some of the services we offer.

~Computer Services~
Internet Security.
Computer Repair(select locations, contact us to see if we service your area).
Remote Desktop Support.
Computer Cleaning.

~Networking Services~
Setup and secure Router and Modem.
Connect extra Device’s(TVs, Printers, tablets etc.)

~Servers and Website services~
Server Management.
Website Development.
Blog Management.

~Design Services~
Logo Design.
Font Design.
Website Design.

and more if something isn’t listed feel free to ask.

we are currently designing a Client portal that will allow our clients to access their dashboard and stay updated with project updates. upload any files we might need. submit trouble tickets. pay bills and more.

Thanks for your time, to order services contact us HERE

Dalton Dooly.
President and CTO